FEL-TECH Hydraulic Hammer Payment Plans

To match your cash flow, your construction projects, your specific needs.
Why not enjoy your profits first, by selecting your preferred payment plan?

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FEL-TECH Hammer Division offers hydraulic hammers for sale, along with a range of financing options to suit your needs. We will finance your new or rebuilt hydraulic breaker, including all shipping. Our mission is to match your cash flows. We will delay your payments up to three months if you wish to purchase a hydraulic hammer that is new to your inventory. This allows for time to build clientele and income prior to starting lease payments.

It will also allow you to complete your project on time and within your budget. If you have slow times of the year, we will provide you with seasonal plans; you can choose three consecutive months per year that you will make no payments at all. What better way to add a profit center to your business than with lease-to-own financing. If you have a need for equipment, we can add it to your fleet without disrupting your current business! We finance 100% of the purchase price including freight and set up charges; we collateralize only the equipment we are financing; and the profits from equipment will cover the payments and put money in the bank for you! Listed below are the available plans. Call us today for your credit application.

The Contractor's 90 Day Preferred / Deferred Payment Plan

Begin the lease with one month’s payment and then take 90 days off. Use the 90-day period to get the equipment in and start generating profit, then start making payments.

Standard Loan / Lease Plan

Make twelve payments per year on your choice of a lease or loan. Choose your purchase option depending on your tax and accounting needs. Works with new or used hydraulic breakers and equipment.

Seasonal Payment Plan

This plan allows the lessee to take up to three months per year with no payments. If your cash flow is seasonal, this is a perfect plan.

10% Down Plan

Put 10% down on your new hydraulic breaker if you have the cash. This lowers the monthly payment and may be used to pay the purchase option at the end of the lease, or can be returned to you. You can still enjoy the benefits of the true tax lease with no “residual” payment at the end of the lease.

3 X 100, 3 X 200, 3 X 300, 3 X 400 And 3 X 500 Plans

The lease begins with one payment down, followed by $100, $200, $300, $400 or $500 per month for the next three months. This allows the lessee three months to get the equipment in and generating profit before beginning to make payments. It is also great for back-ordered equipment, delays in production, or to purchase equipment that will not be needed for a few months.

Contractor's Creation Application

Create your own “3 x plan" based on the cost of your new FT 8 Stage Series Hydraulic Hammer.

Step-Down Plan

This plan is excellent to work around a specific job that may require the lessee to purchase a hydraulic hammer. Example: lessee has a job that will last 9 months and needs a hydraulic hammer to complete the job. He knows he will have great cash flow at the beginning. You may wish to make larger payments for the first year, and then reduce them thereafter.

Municipal Leasing Plan

FEL-TECH Hammer Division can also provide non-appropriated leases for any city, county or state government agency you work with. These are special leases with special pricing. Please call for additional information.

Discount Plans

Purchase more than one hydraulic hammer with 2 extra tools and enter our loyalty discount program.

Trade In Plan

Receive a trade-in allowance for your existing hydraulic hammer and apply it toward future payments.

Rental Industry

Very high profits can be earned from hammer rentals! We have done hydraulic hammer financing for the rental industry for many years. We know your business, we know the equipment, and we know the customers and vendors. Because we are rental specialists, we know how to handle your deals with multiple vendors. We can use a master lease to include different sizes of hydraulic hammers all on the same lease.