FEL-TECH 8 Stage™ Hydraulic Hammers

Where do you see yourself going in the future?

What is the best way to get there?

Are AEM impact energy ratings accurate?

Are MBMB impact energy ratings accurate?

Why do all hydraulic hammer manufacturers’ ratings have specific impact energy numbers that are in the same range, but the tools are different diameters? It is quite important to understand that “energy in” is proportional to “energy out” based on the principle that both hammers are working at the maximum oil flow and are equally efficient. The “through oil” flow is proportional to power, as it is the oil that initially powers the hammer.

Tools cannot be too small in diameter or they will break. The diameter of hydraulic breakers may also be too big and then it will not penetrate. With a heavy hammer and small tool, you can be sure this is just a smaller power cell installed in a larger case. This would compare to a small engine in a large automobile. Therefore, the tool diameter MUST be in proportion to the hammer weight, piston, GPM and PSI of the hammer. If the “through oil” flow rate is also low, this will confirm these other factors. Keep this in mind when browsing through various hydraulic hammers for sale.

FEL-TECH Hammer Division does not advertise or move to the next highest impact energy just to make a sale.

We do not offer Korean side plated hammers or “dead weight” hydraulic hammers.

FEL-TECH Hammer Division is the solution.

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FEL-TECH FT 8 Stage Series Hydraulic Hammers

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Our specifications on the FT 8 Stage Hydraulic Hammers are actual   specifications. FEL-TECH Hammer Division will never raise the impact energy to justify a sale or to unload a hammer to any hard working contractor. Our model names match our hammer impact energy size.

Our Impact energy ranges start at FT 110 Ft Lbs and go up to FT 19176 Ft Lbs.

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FEL-TECH Hammer Division has the only FULL VERTICAL STATIC HYDRAULIC HAMMER TEST STATION in North America, South America and Canada that has been specifically designed by FEL-TECH Hammer Division. The FT 20000 will determine the actual impact energy of any hydraulic hammer up to 20000 lb. impact energy in a simulated environment with any simulated carrier, up to 180,000 pounds in weight.

Have a solid plan in place. Educate yourself first. Before making any phone call or sending any email to any hydraulic hammer company including, FEL-TECH Hammer Division.

Stop, Look, Listen, and Plan.

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Lower your hourly cost to operate.

How to Purchase a Hydraulic Hammer

Understanding your new hydraulic hammer purchase should always be your first step, prior to speaking with any hydraulic hammer dealer. There are many manufactures and importers of hydraulic hammers. All hydraulic hammer manufacturers have specifications on their hammer product line. All hydraulic hammer dealers may tell you that their published specifications are calculated and honest. Mathematical calculations are used in every hydraulic hammer design whether, good or bad. All manufactures should agree that simple physics will be the final determinating factor for all hydraulic hammers true impact energy, oil flow and blows per minute. This rule will apply to the piston size, hydraulic pressure, blows per minute, hammers actual weight and the carrier weight.
It is quite important to understand that “energy in”, is proportional to “energy out” based on the principle that both hammers are working at the maximum oil flow and that both are equally efficient. Make an educated comparison. The “through oil” flow is proportional to power as it’s the oil that powers the hammer initially. Tools cannot be too small in diameter or they will break. The diameter of the tool may also be too big, than it will not penetrate. With a heavy hammer and small tool, you can be sure this is just a smaller power cell installed in a larger case. This would compare to a small engine in a large automobile. Therefore, the tool diameter MUST be in proportion to the hammer weight, piston, GPM and PSI of the hammer. If the “through oil” flow rate is also low than this will confirm these factors.

The oil ratio is calculated by multiplying the bar against GPM/ LPM to give the true through oil input. The tool oil ratio is the diameter in millimeters of the tool, times the through oil input. The higher the number will produce a greater final force (impact energy) at the point of the hammer. This is assuming that the piston size is the same as a comparable hammer. Through oil input to weight ratio, shows how much potential power the hammer has against its physical weight providing the piston is the correct piston for that hammer. The lower the number will mean the better power to weight ratio. Tool per weight ratio is calculated as kilograms/ tool diameter in millimeters. A lower number means more penetration. A higher number will mean a heavier hammer weight again, possibly pointing toward a big hammer with a small tool. This is what is termed a dead weight hammer.

It is imperative that your local sales person for any brand of hydraulic hammer understands exactly what he is offering. In most cases, the dealer will not have had the training required to understand exactly what he is offering to the buyer. Normally, the dealer only looks at a standard carrier comparison chart and offers you a new hydraulic hammer.

FEL-TECH FT 8 Stage Series Hydraulic Hammers are not just another hydraulic hammer that has been “rushed” into the market as a quality hammer. The FEL-TECH FT 8 Stage Series is designed as a high production hammer with true calculations that are very hard to dispute.

Compare the FEL-TECH 8 Stage hammer and it will be instantly noticed that the FT Series has ratings that actually make sense to the contractor. It also may be noticed that a different manufactures hammer that is offered as a specific size may not be rated as advertised unless, the general rules of physics have been partially altered to satisfy a salespersons wish to sell you the hammer he has to sell.

Remember! A hammer uses oil which it converts into breaking force which is transmitted to the tool point.  Power is generally proportional to oil throughput as you will get out what you put in, after which the tool penetrates the rock. A very heavy automobile with a small engine will never win you that race.



Severe Duty Hardox* Case

Toughness is the material’s resistance to crack propagation. In general terms, a tough material can absorb more energy during elongation before the crack leads to failure. When plates with high toughness such as Hardox* encounter hard impacts, the result can be denting. Plates with similar hardness but lower toughness develop denting with micro cracks, resulting in increased wear and larger cracks. Hardox* can sustain sliding wear of hot abrasive materials. The reason is that the heat flow (conductivity) in the steel is much higher and thus conductivity transfers heat. FEL-TECH’S Hardox plate’s hardness properties remain basically unaffected in spite of the heat and abrasive exposure.

More Information About the Hardox Case

Efficient Design

The FEL-TECH design and build process begins the series of precision steps adhered to by our designers, the use of quality raw materials, and continues right through to the FEL-TECH Shipping Centers, and ultimately, out into the field. Depending on other hydraulic hammers and manufacturers, some or all of these stages may be ignored in real-world situations in order to save time or reduce cost. At FEL-TECH hammer Division no product design, quality control method, or customer need is ever overlooked. FEL-TECH Hammers and The FEL-TECH Customer Service Process are designed to exceed our customer’s expectations each and every time. At FEL-TECH Hammer Division, our Customers Experiences have and continue to build our strong reputation.

Hydraulic Hammer Photos

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True Maximum Force

The unique FEL-TECH Hammer Division design incorporates the internal energy inside the cylinder walls with its patented superior internal design method. FEL-TECH Hammers are nitrogen fired to exert extreme force with each blow. The micro-precise engineered piston efficiently transforms potential into kinetic energy with Complete impact force as your concrete, rock, granite and other tough materials break reliably and as expected, hour by hour and ton by ton. The patented seal system will not allow potentially harmful dust particles from the firing chamber with each blow to ensure reliable, uninterrupted service.

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Heavy Duty Construction

Whether it’s construction or mining, limestone or granite, your new FEL-TECH 8 stage series Hydraulic Hammer can handle your project. FEL-TECH’S has an internal system sensor TM is specifically designed and built to withstand extreme shocks, vibrations, and internal torque. FEL-TECH will exceed your expectations over and above your past experiences with any other hydraulic hammers, guaranteed. It’s no wonder that our hydraulic hammers are now used in the removal of Nuclear sites were the hammer must enter the site and work with no issues.

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Patented FEL-TECH Bracket Design

When FEL-TECH set out to design and manufacture their high quality severe duty hydraulic hammers, we realized that the hydraulic hammer brackets were always a problem in the industry. When a contractor sold their old machine and purchased a replacement machine, Many times the new replacement carrier was from a different manufacturer. This meant a new bracket was needed for their hydraulic hammer in many cases. FEL-TECH Hammer Division has solved this problem. At FEL-TECH Hammer Division you can simply change your side bracket bushings (and sometimes the pins) and you can still use your FEL-TECH hammer bracket. This means a savings of up to $4000.00 on the larger carrier hydraulic hammer. With innovation through design, FEL-TECH Hydraulic Hammers are manufactured for use by all contractors, all carriers and all applications.

Adjustable Blows per Minute

At FEL-TECH Hammer Division your ease of operation is always a factor when we design our hydraulic hammers. Normally, on most breakers, you would only have a specific impact rate that you would adjust on your carrier and use consistently on all your demolition projects. This could mean that you are:

  1. Breaking less tons per hour
  2. Using more fuel per hour
  3. Causing more machine wear
  4. Absorbing higher machine operator cost per day
  1. Creating more tool wear
  2. Prolonging your schedule
  3. Increasing your future rebuild cost

At FEL-TECH Hammer Division we have the variable speed adjuster. You can simply reduce or increase your speed per minute (SPM) depending on your specific requirements and needs. This design will prolong the life of your new FEL-TECH FT 8 Stage Series Hydraulic Hammer when used as the manufacturer requires. After all, why use the same blows per minute on concrete when you are breaking granite.

Pre-set your new FEL-TECH hammer for breaking:

  1. Igneous: these are rocks that solidified directly from molten silicates, which geologists call magma. Examples are: granite, basalt, pumice and flint (which are a form of quartz).
  2. Sedimentary: these are formed when igneous rocks are eroded as sediment under the sea. Fossils are often found in this layer. Examples are limestone, chalk, sandstone.
  3. Metamorphic: these are made up of igneous and sedimentary rocks of all ages which have been subjected to intense pressure. Examples are: slate, marble, quartzite.
  4. Concrete and Asphalt: Flexural Strength, Compressive strength, Cylinder compressive strength, Roller compacted concrete, Asphalt Concrete, Tarmac, Foundations and footings, Bridge Structures, Sidewalk and Driveway

Hammer Speed Diagram

The problems with Hydraulic Hammers, in general, are all related to product quality, cost, proper use and efficiency.

The FEL-TECH team has the hydraulic hammer for the contractors in the Continental United States, Canada and throughout the world that has a sound factory commitment, structural reliability, design innovations, unmatched severe duty use and good old fashion dependability time after time with low cost per use hour and very high oil flows.

The FEL-TECH Hydraulic Hammer Package Includes:

  • A New Heavy Duty Hydraulic Hammer
  • A New heavy Duty Mounting Bracket
  • New Pins and Bushings
  • A New Moil Point or Chisel
  • Two New Hoses
  • A New Charging Kit
  • A 3 Yr Warranty*
  • Full Customer Support
  • 24 Hr Online Parts Ordering System
  • 24 Hr Online Parts Breakdown Information
  • Absolute Customer Care during the Sale and After the Sale