Hydraulic Hammer Rental

FEL-TECH Hammer Division is a well-known leader in hydraulic hammer rentals. Our rental division has hydraulic hammers with a range from 250 impact energy to 16,000 impact energy. Our hydraulic hammers will fit carrier's weights starting at 4000 pounds and up to 220,000 pounds. With over 55 hydraulic hammers in our rental fleet, it's no wonder that FEL-TECH Hammer Division continues to lead in the hydraulic hammer parts supply, hydraulic hammer tool supply and now, the hydraulic hammer rental fulfillment.

FEL-TECH Hammer Division rebuilds their own rental fleet "in house" with complete testing and certification to assure you the best rental / Lease experience.

All hydraulic hammers are tested in our FT 20000 test centre after rebuild.
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FEL-TECH Hammer Division Small Range Hammers

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Medium Range Hammers

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