Inspection and Analysis

At FEL-TECH Hammer Division, we use two very specific testing methods when inspecting and rebuilding hydraulic hammers. For complete tractability and accountability, our raw steel is inspected prior to machining. We check internal parts with a flux test, as well as use a handheld XRF Analyzer to provide specific material chemistry to accurately identify alloy grades and pure metals in seconds. We sort and separate materials, from the very first steps of material inspection to end-product verification.

We understand that hydraulic hammer parts are sold around the globe and sometimes the steel impurities are still very much present. These impurities can lead to dangerous cases of hydraulic hammer failure. With us you can rest assured that our rebuilds will not put the user at risk. That is what sets FEL-TECH rebuilt hydraulic breakers apart from the other companies out there. Discover the FEL-TECH difference. Turn to us for all of your hydraulic hammer parts and rebuild needs.

All hammer rebuilds will always include other inspections, which are always included.

In order for complete tractability and accountability, our raw steel is inspected prior to machining with an XRF Analyzer.

XRF Analyzer and Tool Part

Our machined materials and incoming finished materials are also inspected prior to storage and resale. A FEL-TECH part is a quality replacement part with warranties, which have traceability.

Parts Made of 4350 Steel

All of our pins, bosses and bushings are made in house. We only use hardened 4350 steel.

Your rebuilt hammer is always tested prior to shipping in our FT 20000 Test Center. There are no other hydraulic hammer rebuild centers in the United States, Canada or South America that can make this statement, PERIOD! Some companies test hammers “hanging from an old chain, on an excavator”. We feel our testing methods are exactly what all hard working contractors should require and expect. “Spending your hard earned money deserves quality testing”.

Our Test Center


FEL-TECH Hammer Division has the opinion that all hard working contractors deserve a complete and honest rebuild with severe testing prior to shipping. FEL-TECH rebuilt is “Certified Rebuilt”.

“When we required a hydraulic hammer to take down the Brookhaven National Laboratories nuclear site, we required a hammer that would not fail once inside the reactor. If the hydraulic hammer failed, than it could not be removed for repair, due to contamination. We would have had to purchase another hydraulic hammer for this project. There was no room for error, period. FEL-TECH Hammer Division provided a rebuilt 12000 foot pound hammer that ran three shifts, 7 days a week. We had no issues. I feel their testing of the equipment provided Brookhaven an advantage. It was nice to receive the knowledge, the service, the equipment and especially the pre-testing, prior to the actual use.”

Brookhaven National Laboratories

Rebuilding a hydraulic hammer is a very precise and technical procedure. At FEL-TECH Hammer Division we understand that you are not only a construction contractor, but you also may work on your own hydraulic hammer. At FEL-TECH Hydraulic Hammer we work with you as you rebuild your own hydraulic hammer or hydraulic breaker at your own pace, in your facility, with your own tools and knowledge. FEL-TECH Hammer Division is the gold standard for hydraulic breaker repair as well as offering hydraulic breakers for sale. We are also here to perform your machine shop work.

Parts During Testing, Cleaning, and Repair Stages


At FEL-TECH Hammer Division, all hydraulic hammers that we receive throughout the United States, Canada and other areas around the globe are broken down and inspected for:

Parts with Defects


Part with Visible Wear


Corroded Parts


Equipment with Distortion


Warehouse Testing Station


Cracked Tool


Large Piece of Machinery


Equipment Displaying Parallelism


and any other abnormality that could prevent your hammer from working.

Parts and Testing Equipment

At FEL-TECH Hammer Division, our inspection instruments allow us to view where the human eye cannot see. All internal inspections are performed with a state-of-the-art Cn Cam System in which image data is sent to our inspection computer screen for enlargement and analysis. We can also send this image data directly from the inspection bench to the customer anywhere in the world for their full review. Our system is incorporated with a color fiber optic screening system that will literally go inside your cylinder, chuck housing, distributor and even the oil flow holes and lines.

This internal inspection allows our technicians the advantage that most hydraulic hammer repair centers do not have. Our inspection can find contaminates and defects that are often overlooked because they are either too small to see or they are in places that are not accessible by normal viewing methods. Our quality control methods are repeated on each and every hydraulic hammer to assure consistency, accuracy and proper rebuilding techniques that continue to make FEL-TECH Hammer Division the "The Contractors Choice for Quality Rebuilt Hydraulic Hammers" in the United States, Canada and around the world. We are recognized as a premier hydraulic hammer rebuilding company.

Certainly, we understand that many qualified mechanics exist and rebuilding their own used hydraulic breakers may simply be an easy task for some mechanics. FEL-TECH Hammer Division also works with other hydraulic breaker repair facilities in order to help solve many issues. All are welcome at FEL-TECH Hammer Division.


As you already realize, your hydraulic hammer, as self-destructive as it is, performs with a precision that is unmatched by most hydraulic products. Each time you use your hydraulic hammer you are slowly damaging it. Your hydraulic hammer is a hydraulic device that is purposely designed to direct a piece of precision hardened steel into another piece of hardened steel creating an opposing force several hundred times a minute. This would normally cease to work if it wasn't for the very special design. While the piston is striking the hardened chisel point with incredible impact energy, a series of changes are taking place inside the hydraulic hammer.

Some of the changes that are taking place in your hydraulic hammer are:

  • Shock
  • Vibration
  • Heat
  • Steel expansion
  • Distortion
  • Energy displacement
  • Seal breakdown
  • Fluid direction and redirection changes
  • Damage

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With all these changes that are creating shock and energy displacement at the same time, it is very common to break a tie bar or very expensive piston, right in half.


When performing a hydraulic breaker repair, it is very important to understand that your hydraulic hammer has a cylinder with an internal piston that has only .00025 clearances on both sides in the cylinder walls. With only two and one half tenths of a thousandth of an inch for clearance you must have the equipment, tools, measuring devices and the knowledge that is required to work with such small tolerances. You also must have the machinery and inspection instruments at your side to inspect and repair damaged parts.


Some of the equipment you will need include a fully enclosed parts cleaning system THAT CLEANS UNDER HIGH PRESSURE, You may need a:

  • Bridgeport milling machine
  • A lathe
  • A cylindrical grinder
  • A honing machine
  • A boring mill
  • Tool and cutter grinders
  • Different types of lifting devices


With the proper inspection equipment, it is possible to fully inspect your hydraulic hammer's internal parts. Some of the inspection equipment you will require is a certified granite surface plate with a 1,000 lb. capacity at minimum. You will also require:

  • Precision "V" blocks and gauge blocks
  • Micrometers
  • Dial bore gauges
  • Calipers
  • Fiber optic inspection equipment
  • Finish comparator samples
  • Polishing equipment
  • Height gauges
  • Inspection magnification equipment
  • Pressure testing devices
  • A very clean and well illuminated inspection area


With all the equipment in place you will now need the knowledge that is required to determine many things. The most important part of your knowledge must be the experience in calibration of measuring tools and fractional measuring or conversions. You must determine whether your measurements are correct or not. You cannot simply rely on the measuring tools. The measurements are so critical that they must be taken in a temperature controlled room. If you measure a piston or a cylinder inside one room and take the piston to a separate room or outside for a second measurement, you will find that you will have two separate measurements after a very short period of time, providing there is a temperature difference. Which one is correct? Which one should I use? What is the true size of the item I have just measured?

Group of Tools

This is how small temperature changes will affect your measuring when measuring in tenths of thousands of an inch. Your measurement will be determined by the temperature of the steel, the room temperature, the proper use of the measuring instruments and proper calibration of your measuring tools when measuring in tenths of a thousandth of an inch. You must also know metric conversions and American standards.


You absolutely must understand the different types of steels that are being used in your hammer and what each type of steel is required to do while your hydraulic hammer is operating and damaging itself at the same time. This is called "cause and affect". After all, your hydraulic hammer is considered a self-destructive tool. You also must have a strong background in machining and operating machine equipment. Many shops have mechanics that are highly qualified to take on a project such as rebuilding used hydraulic breakers.

Steel Parts and Seals

Your hydraulic hammer also has a nitrogen charge that can be charged at a rate of, or up to several hundred pounds per square inch, depending on the manufacturer's specifications. This can be very dangerous when attempting to discharge or refill without the correct equipment. FEL-TECH Hammer Division has designed the NITRO-SET universal discharge and refill system that will fit any model hammer in existence today. At FEL-TECH Hammer Division, we can accurately measure the nitrogen charge in used hydraulic breakers to within 1% of the proper requirements. This means you will never be charged for an expensive special order nitrogen charge kit to fit your brand of hydraulic hammer while your hydraulic hammer is in our rebuild shop.

Hammer Part

Your hydraulic hammer has many other moving parts that work with several special high pressure seals that help build pressure when required and seal against leaks. They also prevent contaminants from entering several locations of your hammer. The practices and methods for pre-treating and installing seals could be critical due to improper installation methods such as bending, prying, distorting, heating and contamination.


Consistency and quality control is the driving force that has made FEL-TECH Hammer Division the leader in internal diagnostic analysis for hydraulic hammer problems on low pressure and high pressure applications, as well as offering hydraulic breakers for sale. Your hydraulic hammer is only as good as the system that it operates from. Not all applications are the same. Your hydraulic hammer MUST be matched to the machine that it will be mounted on. Your carrier hydraulic system is complicated and it must be maintained and serviced on a regular basis.

With our strong reputation for rebuilding used hydraulic breakers across the United States and Canada and our specialized machine tool applications, we know your choice to send your hydraulic hammer to FEL-TECH Hammer Division is an educated decision. With our knowledge and specialized equipment we can rebuild your hydraulic hammer, crusher or shear back to factory specifications and always remain very cost effective.

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