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FEL-TECH Hammer Division
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FEL-TECH Hammer Division is the contractors’ number one choice for rebuilt hydraulic hammers and repair. We specialize in rebuilding hydraulic hammers effectively and efficiently. We arrange for our shipping company to ship your machine right to our facility.

We offer financing choices to suit your individual needs. To get the best plan for you, simply fill out an application form to become pre-approved for repair on your hydraulic breakers.

We accept all major credit cards and certified bank checks and cashier’s checks. We also accept business checks from your company. Such checks must clear prior to project onset. Additional payment options include Western Union, PayPal, wire transfers and financing.

Construction equipment repair financing does not impact your personal credit score. It will help keep unsecured lines of credit available for emergencies. FEL-TECH Hammer Division will finance all large build repairs that are in excess of $6,000 for larger hydraulic breakers. We will also finance all rebuilt hammer purchases that exceed $6,000. Contact FEL-TECH to start your road to a rebuild today!