Rebuild Example

Many customers call FEL-TECH Hammer Division every day from areas throughout America, Canada and Mexico. They ask about our rebuild services. They all have three things in common. They want to know the cost, the quality of the rebuild and if it would be worthwhile to ship their hammer to FEL-TECH Hammer Division.

In many cases, they tell us their hammer has already been inspected in a hydraulic hammer shop however, they are told that the hammer is “not a hammer that can be rebuilt” and they are offered a new hydraulic hammer at a very high cost. In other cases they are told that the hammer is simply beyond repair and they are offered a “rebuilt hammer” that has not been rebuilt or tested properly.

At FEL-TECH Hammer Division you will find a very different approach to rebuilding your hydraulic hammer. You will receive a “True rebuilt and tested hydraulic hammer.”

We do not claim that chuck housing can be welded and we certainly know that a piston for a hydraulic hammer cannot be chrome plated. Chrome plating of a hydraulic hammer piston WILL DAMAGE YOUR HYDRAULIC HAMMER AND HYDRAULIC PUMPS.

The hammer below has been at two separate and “well advertised” rebuild shops.  The customer was told that they could not rebuild the hammer in both cases. In each case, the hammer was left outside and unprotected for the customer. In one case, he purchased a new tool and then he was told the hammer could not be repaired. In both cases, each company charged for the inspection of the hydraulic hammer.

FEL-TECH Hammer Division asked the customer to send the hammer to our shop for a professional and honest opinion. The hammer arrived in the condition that you see below. It was palletized by the “Competition”. There was no cost to the customer to inspect his hammer at FEL-TECH Hammer Division. This is a free service at FEL-TECH Hammer Division.

We offer free inspection because the inspection is also used for “in house” training purposes.
The customer’s hammer was left in pieces by two well-known hydraulic hammer shops. There was no supporting inventory data supplied with this shipment to FEL-TECH Hammer Division. Basically, two past rebuild shops took the hammer apart; they did not understand the true inspection and rebuilding requirements for a hydraulic hammer.  True customer care was not offered to the customer, by the past two rebuild shops.

Damaged Hammer

The customer was notified that the hydraulic hammer had arrived at FEL-TECH Hammer Division and was outraged that the hammer was packaged in this condition.

The customer was also told that there would be no cost to him, for the inspection at FEL-TECH.

The customer stated that he had a project starting soon and “simply needed a hammer, fast”

The customer stated that he has been told “so many story’s that he was now confused” and has lost his trust in who to trust. He said “I just need a professional and honest opinion”.

Hydraulic Hammer

A complete parts inventory was taken along with any parts that had been either missing or damaged. A complete series of pictures were taken for the customer’s records. A parts breakdown was also sent to the customer for his review prior, to a complete written estimate. At FEL-TECH Hammer Division, we want all of our customers to have a full and complete understanding of how our rebuild system operates and why a certain part may be required.

We also inform a customer why a part is not required, even though they have been told by a past mechanic that a certain part was required. Many rebuild shops find it is a much easier task to sell a new part to a customer than to look for any alternatives. This puts a profit on the books for the rebuild shop and allows for a faster rebuild. With this, comes a high price, all at the cost of the hard working contractor.

Inside a Hydraulic Hammer

The distributor prior to inspection, cleaning and measuring of internal parts.
Estimated replacement cost would be $18,000.00 if the distributor was not reconditioned.

Rusted Piston

The piston, that was rusted with deep pits, was due to neglect of storage by a rebuild shop.

Other Damaged Parts

Other spare parts in need of repair, cleaning or replacement.

Hammer Cylinder

The cylinder was in very good condition but needed cleaning and polishing.

The customer was told that he required a new cylinder one past rebuild shop.

The cylinder was cleaned and polished in three hours by a FEL-TECH Hydraulic Hammer rebuild technician. All grease and hydraulic oil ports were polished. The savings for the customer was $23,000.00.

Hammer Ring

The ring was in good condition and required cleaning and polishing.

The customer was told that he needed a new ring by the past rebuild shop. This ring was cleaned and polished by a FEL-TECH Hydraulic Hammer rebuild technician in two hours. This saved the customer $3700.00 in additional cost. Our in house parts center allows our technicians and customers access to parts with no waiting.


FEL-TECH Hammer Division stocks over 300 different brands of hydraulic hammer pistons.

Line of Pistons

All parts are engineered, machined and heat treated to OEM Specs.

Shelf of Parts

Hammer Case

The customers case was sand blasted and inspected for defects or cracks.

The power cell is then assembled and tested in our full vertical test center. You may see the customer’s power cell being tested on you tube at:

Hydraulic Hammer Test Station

FEL-TECH Hammer Division has the only full vertical static test center in The United States, Canada and South America for the testing and certification of hydraulic hammer power cells.

No other Private or OEM Company can make this statement.

If your rebuild center tells you that they test your rebuilt hydraulic hammer in a test center.
“Ask them to send you a video of their test center while operating”

Each case receives industrial paint after sand blasting,  grinding, sanding and industrial priming.

Painted Case

The case is now ready to have the power cell installed. The Rammer S56 hydraulic hammer is now ready for the customer. At FEL-TECH Hammer Division, we insist on high quality workmanship, customer care and a rebuild service center that is designed to service all contractors around the globe.

FEL-TECH Hammer Division

The completed Rammer S56 Hammer.

Completed Hammer

“The Contractors Choice for Quality Rebuilt Hydraulic Hammers”

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