Hydraulic Hammer Repair

FEL-TECH Hammer Division can rebuild your hydraulic hammer to factory specifications. To start the hydraulic hammer repair process, call us at 1-508-552-0023 or send an email to rebuild@fel-tech.com. Simply provide us with all of the information about your hydraulic breakers or hammers, as well as your contact information.

We will then contact our freight company, Diversified Transportation Services, or you may contact them directly by email or phone and tell them you will be shipping your hydraulic hammer to FEL-TECH Hammer Division and you would like the charges to be applied to our account. We will include all shipping cost to your rebuild total. We do not mark up any shipping cost. You always pay exactly what we are charged. Below is the direct contact for our freight company:

Eve Talley
Diversified Transportation Services -DTS
1-406-730-1578 Home Office
1-406-862-9067 Main Office
1-406-871-2113 Cell
1-406-862-9074 Office Fax

When your hydraulic hammer arrives to our facility, we will notify you. Our trained technicians will then begin to break down your hydraulic hammer and inspect it externally and internally. We will take and record measurements; pictures will also be taken and sent to you for your review. Every detailed inspection is free; you only pay the shipping costs. No deposit is required before the hydraulic hammer repair begins. All fees are collected before we ship your hydraulic hammer back to you.

We will contact you on the second day after the arrival and inspection of your hydraulic hammer. You will be informed of any problems that have been detected and regarding what will be required to get your hydraulic hammer back to factory specifications.

We will offer you a written quote via fax or email that will include all the necessary information for your records. Once you approve the quote, we will then begin the rebuild process. This process will take approximately one to three weeks, depending on the parts that are needed, availability of parts, shipping logistics and any machining requirements.

FEL-TECH will always ask your preferences when hydraulic hammer replacement parts are required. Some parts may be ordered from the factory or aftermarket. Other parts may be made by FEL-TECH Hammer Division’s in-house machine shop. We always ask because of the difference in cost from various suppliers in comparison to our own machining cost.

We will keep you informed via email as your hydraulic hammer goes through the rebuild process. When the process has been completed, we will ship your hydraulic hammer back to you in working order. We offer a six-month warranty for all rebuilt hydraulic hammers, providing you have approved our estimate in full.

With our strong reputation for rebuilding hydraulic breakers across the United States and Canada, and with our specialized machine tool applications, we know your choice to send our hydraulic hammer to FEL-TECH Hammer Division is an educated decision. With our knowledge and specialized equipment, we can rebuild your hydraulic hammer, crusher or shear back to factory specifications and always remain cost effective.