Rebuilt Hydraulic Hammers

Rebuilt Hydraulic Hammers

Hydraulic Hammers

FEL -TECH Hammer Division Sand Blasts all hammer cases inside and out prior to rebuilding. This offers us the opportunity to properly check for cracks in the case. This allows us to prime and paint your hydraulic hammer case the correct way. A rebuilt hammer should be as close to “NEW CONDITION” as possible.

When other companies are actually asking you to believe that they can repair a broken piston or “TELLING YOU”, that they can weld a chuck housing that is cracked in half. FEL-TECH is providing their customers with a very reliable rebuilt hydraulic hammer.

FEL-TECH Hammer Division always has free shipping for all hydraulic hammers in the lower 48 states. Your hammer is picked up at no cost and shipped back to you at no cost.

We never charge you any “UP FRONT” deposit for your rebuilt hammer estimate. Offering “Honest” services and a very professional and expert rebuild will keep you operational and profitable.

FEL-TECH Hammer Division is the only hydraulic hammer rebuild center in the United States, Canada and South America that performs testing on our full vertical test center. No other hydraulic hammer rebuild center can make this claim. This includes OEM companies.

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When you are in the market for a hydraulic hammer, you are looking for three main things: power, durability, and low cost. A rebuilt hydraulic hammer fits all of these criteria and more. With FEL-TECH’s thorough process of rebuilding hammers, you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between the performance of our used hydraulic hammers and new hammers.

Used hydraulic hammers operate like new and most importantly, they save you money. Through our comprehensive hydraulic hammer repair process, all hammers are given new paint, decals, and polish. Each hammer is given new seals, a new point, new pins, and new upper and lower bushings. Along with all of the new things you get with our rebuilt hammers, you get our unbeatable customer support and 120 day warranty.

FEL-TECH Hammer Division rebuilds over 1700 different models of hydraulic hammers. Financing is also available so you can get that hammer to the site, where it belongs. Today is the day to save time and money by ordering a like new used hydraulic hammer from FEL-TECH Hammer Division.

Upper and Lower Bushings

FEL-TECH Hammer Division has the inventory in house to rebuild your hydraulic hammer. FEL-TECH Hammer Division stocks more replacement parts in house, than any other rebuild company on the planet.

We stock hydraulic hammer upper and lower bushings for over 1700 different hydraulic hammer models.

All hydraulic hammer bushings are made at FEL-TECH Hammer Division in Worcester, Massachusetts or in our FEL-TECH Martello Idraulico location in Italy – No parts are from Korea or China.

Hammer Pistons

FEL-TECH Hammer Division has hundreds of hydraulic hammer pistons in stock, ready for your rebuild.

Row of Pistons

All hydraulic hammer pistons are made in a  FEL-TECH location. – No parts are from Korea or China.

Many hard working contractors have lost thousands of dollars because they were told that a hydraulic hammer piston can be chrome plated OR chuck housing can be welded if cracked in half. Simple physics, close tolerances and extreme impact energy, make this impossible to do.


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