How a Fel-Tech Rock Breaker Can Save You Money Over Time

A lot of people pick and choose when they are frugal and when they decide to spend a little extra for quality. Contractors are just like everyone else; with budgets and deadlines, planning out a job can be a daunting task and mixing the right combination of high quality equipment, used equipment and inexpensive resources can be tricky. Some folks, unfortunately, opt for getting a cut rate rock breaker which can mean a higher cost in the long run.

A rock breaker is a very important and large investment and when you sacrifice quality to save a little bit of cash, you run the risk of getting a piece of equipment that will break down, not perform, and ultimately waste additional resources. FEL-TECH Hammer Division prides itself on providing the best hydraulic hammers available. Our hammers go through rigorous testing and collaboration before they hit the market.

The major benefit of purchasing a FEL-TECH rock breaker is that you are still saving money and getting a high quality piece of machinery. The best way to judge the effectiveness of a rock breaker is to look at it as if it were an employee. Is it producing what it needs to per hour? How much is it costing me per hour compared to the amount of work it is accomplishing? Is it working at an acceptable pace that is works with my timelines?

For example:

Hammer brand: A
The initial cost of a new (brand name) 5,000 .hammer is $68,500.00
The potential rebuild estimated cost is $22,500.00
Based on 1,000 hours use, the cost per hour is $ 91.00 after a rebuild
This brings the total cost to $91,000.00

FEL-TECH FT 8 Stage Series
The cost of a new FEL-TECH Series 6638 ft. lb. hammer is $65,194.00
The potential rebuild estimated cost is $12, 200.00
Based on 1,000 hours use, the cost per hour of use is $77.39 after a rebuild
FEL-TECH Savings per hour = $13.11 per hour x 1000 hours = $13,110.00
Estimated savings with a FEL-TECH 8 Stage Series Hammer

You receive a larger foot pound hammer
Savings on initial hammer purchase $ 3,306.00
1000 hour operating cost savings $13,110.00
Estimated rebuild cost savings $10,300.00
Total savings FEL-TECH verses Brand “A” = $ 20,104.00
* Based on 1,000 hours use

Much like any large investment, you have to take into consideration the overall cost of your investment. It’s much like buying an automobile; you have to be aware of fuel efficacy, potential repair costs and maintenance, not just your upfront price. A FEL-TECH hammer not only a superior rock breaker, but it’s long term cost to own is significantly less than some of the other name brand hammers out there.

Our passion is hydraulic hammers and we have gone to great lengths to provide the very best parts and service available. Our rebuilding process, parts, brackets and chisel paste are second to none. Whenever you purchase from FEL-TECH, you are joining our family of contractors that have put trust in our name. Find your next rock breaker at FEL-TECH today.