Properly Maintaining Hydraulic Pistons

One of the key components of a hydraulic hammer is the hydraulic piston. Hydraulic pistons are the part that moves up and down to deliver the force of pressure. A working piston is essential for proper function, but there are several other parts that make up a hydraulic hammer.

The housing for the hammer may be made from a variety of materials, but it is built sturdy to promote accuracy and stability of the hammer. When people use hydraulic hammers, the strokes must be precise; this is why quality housing is essential. The side rods are used for mounted applications. For example, if the hammer unit must be set up above the ground, these rods make that possible.

The nitrogen chamber may or may not have a diaphragm, but a good hydraulic hammer will have a chamber that lasts a long time with or without one. Proper nitrogen distribution is essential for the function of the hammer and the hydraulic piston. The main valve is the other moving part aside from the piston. A hydraulic hammer's front cap is where the retainer pin is located.

Pistons move up and down with great force, so some hydraulic hammers have a considerable recoil. There are units built to minimize recoil. Alloy steel is commonly used to construct a piston, and the piston may receive heat treatment to enhance its precision capabilities. When designed with high standards, hydraulic pistons are made to maintain their precision for a long time. Hydraulic pistons built to be efficient typically have a longer service life.

Since it is the main moving component of a hydraulic hammer, working hydraulic pistons are essential. When a hammer is not working correctly, one of the most common issues is a damaged or broken piston. All major repairs of a hydraulic hammer or its piston should be completed by a professional. When it comes to hydraulic hammer repair or finding replacement parts, is the first and only place to look. With years of experience and an inventory of quality parts, FEL-TECH provides the best services and products for all hydraulic hammer needs.