Quality Hydraulic Hammers for Sale

Equipment breakdowns that stop progress on your job may mean that you need to look for hydraulic hammers for sale. You expect the equipment that you use to take abuse, but eventually everything has a breaking point. The hydraulic breakers take a beating every day, and we offer a full line of replacement parts. But when replacing parts is not an option, you can count on us to provide hydraulic hammers for sale here at FEL-TECH.

Our rebuilt hammers are the finest that you can find anywhere. We check the hammer case thoroughly to find any cracks that might exist. For a quality machine that is as close to new as you can get, consider our hydraulic hammers for sale. Your experience tells you that repairing a broken piston or welding a cracked chuck housing is not possible, but you have heard such claims. When we offer hydraulic hammers for sale, you get reliable equipment that you can count on.

We are the contractor’s choice for rebuilt hammers for a reason. We understand the demands that you face on your job, and our experience proves it. Having a hydraulic hammer that produces every day is essential, and the operating costs must fit a tight budget. Our hydraulic hammers for sale meet your requirements on every count, and we are dedicated to rebuilding equipment that deserves your respect.

Our quality process for rebuilding hammers contains very specific requirements. We inspect our raw steel for quality prior to taking any action to machine it. Verifying the condition of internal parts with a flux test tells us what we need to know about the equipment. Our XRF Analyzer gives us precise data that identifies pure metals as well as alloy grades. Prior to offering our hydraulic hammers for sale, we make sure that the rebuilt product is the reliable machine that you expect from us.

As an indication of the quality that we provide, you can have confidence in our testing procedures. Our FT 20000 Test Center is unique to us, and no other hydraulic hammer rebuild center in North America, South America or Canada has one. We know how you expect equipment to perform on the job, and we are here to provide it for you.