Why FEL-TECH for Hydraulic Breaker Parts and Repair?

When are you making a purchase as important as a rebuilt hydraulic breaker, there is a level of trust you have to have with your vendor. You have to have confidence in the company that is supplying you with this essential piece of machinery that can make or break your operation. Putting your faith in a cut rate hydraulic breaker and flimsy wear parts can wind up costing you time and money, because when you are on a tight schedule with an even tighter budget, you can’t be waiting around for another hammer to be delivered because that cheap rebuilt one you got from the other guys bit the dust when push came to shove.

FEL-TECH Hammer Division knows hydraulic hammers and have made it our life’s work to provide you with the largest selection of hydraulic breaker parts, bushings, chisels, paste and rebuilt hydraulic breakers that are second to none. We also supply hard to find and out of production parts so we can service your needs, regardless of whatever hydraulic breaker you have. With parts for over 50 brands in stock and over 72,000 wear parts, we can ship you the exact part you need, quickly and efficiently so you can get back to work and finish the job on time.

If you need your hammer rebuilt, there is no better choice than FEL-TECH Hammer Division. We break down, diagnose, inspect and rebuild your hydraulic breaker to factory specifications so it’s just like new when you get it back from us. Our highly trained technicians not only inspect your hydraulic hammer for free, but provide you with diagnostics, pictures and quotes so you know exactly what you need. We keep an open line of communication with our customers so there’s no confusion as to what is happening with your hammer. We keep you in the loop because we know the importance of such a vital machine.

There is a reason why FEL-TECH Hammer Division is The Contractors Choice for Rebuilt Hammers™. It’s because we take hydraulic breaker repair to the next level. Where other stop, we keep going. Not only do we ship hydraulic hammer parts all over the world, but our famous chisel paste is ordered by the pallet every day. The people who order from us know that superior parts and lubricants make for a hammer that can withstand the demand of a job site. These people do not have time to waste with inferior wear parts and grease. These people are successful contractors who have an eye for quality and who go beyond the status quo. These people use FEL-TECH wear parts and rebuilt hammers.

We also provide excellent customer support for any questions you may have after you have purchased from us. We are able and willing to field any inquiry you have about your hydraulic breaker or parts that you have received from us, regardless how large your company may be. We like to make you feel like you are a part of our FEL-TECH family because we know how important your hammer is to you. So for unsurpassed parts, service and support, use FEL-TECH Hammer Division and get the job done right.